Our guidance helps you open doors

Moving to a new country also means facing unexpected challenges with every step.

Feel free to reach out whenever you have difficulties so we can find a solution together. Just contact us and schedule an appointment via skype, telephone or in person. We are happy to help.

If legal advice is needed we will gladly recommend an immigration lawyer.


Visa and Authorities

We organise your paper work, schedule necessary appointments and accompany you to help with the language barrier and interprete between English and German. We cooperate with an immigration lawyer who will provide legal advice on your case if needed.



If you are already in Germany and need help settling in we are happy to support you here.


Official Translations

We are certified translators and our officially stamped translations are recognized by all German authorities worldwide. If you need translated documents for all purposes, especially legal – just get in touch with us. If we can’t help you ourselves, we can usually recommend a competent colleague to get the job done for you.


Finding an Apartment

Finding a flat in Berlin may well be one of the biggest challenges ahead of you when moving here. Fast-paced and extremely mobile, the housing market has seen rapid changes in the last years. When we support you with the flat search we bring in nine years of expertise. We want you to lean back and enjoy your start in Berlin while we help you getting settled.

Are you coming to Berlin for a short stay and need a furnished apartment for just a few months?
We will help you find the right temporary flat. Just get in touch with us for more information.


Schools and Kindergarten

Moving to a new country with your family is a big step for everyone, but especially for your children. To make the most of their time in Berlin they will need the right school to support them and help them grow.

Our advisors will guide you through Berlin’s education system and help you find the right school for your children. Most of our advisors have their children in international schools as well and know Berlin’s educational landscape like the back of their hand.


Language Courses and Cultural Training

We started as a language school – today we help internationals from all over the world to settle in Germany. We are passionate about teaching language and continue to organize language courses at all levels and for a variety of languages. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and check out free spots in our current classes.

If you are a company – welcome! We are happy to organize classes for your employees in your office or offsite. The topics range from cultural trainings to group or individual language training on all levels. We gladly discuss your expectations with you and organize language classes according to your employees’ needs.


Car Registration and Insurance

Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to bring your own car to Germany from abroad or if you would just like to transfer your international driver’s license to a local one.



When it’s time to leave again, you will probably already be busy with your next steps and won’t want to worry about the necessary paper work. We will help you to have an easy and smooth departure – so one day, you may want to come back again!