Welcome to Berlin and Germany!

Since 2009 we are supporting newcomers from all over the world. We enjoy guiding you along the way.


Whether you are

• a company recruiting international professionals from outside Europe

• an employee or a freelancer applying for a Work Visa, Job Seekers Visa, Family Reunion Visa or Freelance Visa at the German embassy

• already in Germany ready to apply for a work permit / residence permit at the Foreign Office (Ausländerbehörde)

• a recent graduate moving on to find new opportunities

• looking for an apartment or a house in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart

• a family looking for a good school or kindergarten

• or if you have any questions

… just get in touch with us!

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Our Guidance

We support your international employees before, during and after their arrival to Germany
and advise your Human Resources department on the immigration process.

Featured Partners

Over the last years we have successfully worked with these and many more clients.

What Others Say About Us

“My flat hunting consultant was super friendly and helpful since the very first moment. She went above and beyond to help me with all my needs and I felt supported every time I asked something from her. I really couldn’t have asked for a better consultant. It really felt like a friend was helping me.”
Alberto G. (Spain), Hello Fresh SE, Berlin

„Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle für die wirklich GROSSARTIGE Betreuung bedanken, die wir innerhalb unserer Zusammenarbeit mit Euch erfahren durften! Die Zusammenarbeit war nicht nur höchst professionell und schnell, sondern auch wirklich sehr angenehm. Wir sind überaus zufrieden mit eurem Service und ich werde euer Unternehmen und die erbrachte Dienstleistung in allerbester Erinnerung behalten. Ihr könnt sicher sein, dass ich euch beim nächsten Visa-Prozess mit einem ausländischen Mitarbeiter erneut – mit großer Freude – hinzuziehen werde.“
Anna F., Human Resources Manager

“I wanted to email to say that we have been so happy with the outstanding service we received from Johanna. She was so helpful with every point of the flat hunting journey, and if it wasn’t for her and her great communication with landlords we wouldn’t have got the flat we are now living in, which we LOVE.“
Melinda G. (UK), HelloFresh SE

„Wir haben uns für Start Relocation aufgrund einer Empfehlung entschieden und wurden absolut nicht enttäuscht. Der Relocation-Prozess ist transparent, schnell und wird sehr professionell und herzlich durchgeführt. Die Ergebnisse waren positiv und wir als HR Team von ABOUT YOU freuen uns sehr auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit. Ein wirklich starker und smarter Partner bei Relocation-Prozessen!“
Christoph Kühn, Head of HR, ABOUT YOU GmbH

“Start-Relocation.de services made my transition from Brazil to Germany really smooth and easy! With the guidelines provided I was able to gather all the documentation and BlueCard in record time with no return visits needed. The clear communication and readiness from your team nailed it! Congratulations and I can’t say enough thank you messages for this amazing experience! Thumbs up and keep rocking!”
Neill F. (Brazil), Visual Meta GmbH, Berlin

“I am very grateful for Start Relocation service as they helped me too much. Initially I was thinking that it’s impossible in my life… But honestly speaking, they made “Impossible to Possible” finally which is grateful for my life. Even I do not find words to express my deepest thanks. Sincerely and deepest thanks for your personal invaluabe support and hard work for me. For me the words “thank you” are just too small to say.“
Ronald Ch., (India), Zalando, Berlin

“When we get the opportunity to move to Berlin, we had no idea about place to live or school for the kids. We thought the one thing important was that our kids feel comfortable in their new environment and in a nice school. Looking on the internet Start Relocation had a specific package to help us to find the right school. After 2 phone calls with Helen she perfectly understood what kind of school we were looking for and organized 2 days of visit to the presented schools. Our choice was done at the end of these 3 days.”
Adrien N. (France)

”Startcon had me covered throughout the whole process. From all the initial paperwork to the final appointments, they were always available and easy to reach for any questions. They definitely made my transfer much easier and much faster, something a non-German speaker would have great difficulty with. I already have and will continue to recommend them as their level of service and attention to detail makes all the stressful paperwork and appointments quick and hassle-free.”
Karl V. (The Phillippines)

Nowadays, really excellent and reliable services with fair yet affordable price has become a rarity in our fast food society. Since more than one year, the team of Startcon Relocation GmbH continuously supports our expatriates in variable living and working situations in Berlin, with enthusiasm, competence and empathy! I‘m impressed by its work and passion and very happy to have such professional advices just right around the corner.

Li-Li Chen-von Sanden, Project Manager, ITRI Western Europe Office

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