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New regulations for foreign doctors in Germany – preparatory course for the professional language examination at the medical association

More and more hospitals employ doctors from abroad. The conditions for the admission of foreign doctors to Germany have now changed. In many federal states, specialist language examinations are conducted by the medical associations for the licensing and professional licensing of doctors. This is to ensure a consistently high standard of quality. We would be […]


Advantages of Hiring International Professionals

In today’s interconnected world, startups are constantly seeking new ways to gain a competitive edge and propel their growth. One powerful strategy gaining traction is hiring international professionals from abroad, sourcing from a worldwide pool of talented individuals waiting to contribute with their unique knowledge. The advantages of hiring international professionals are often covered by […]

Our 5 core business values

Relocating to a new country is an exciting but often complex endeavor, likewise for companies that want to relocate their international talents to Germany as for individuals who take a chance to build a new life abroad. The challenges of navigating the communication with authorities, understanding visa requirements, and settling into a new life can […]

Relocation of international professionals to Germany

As a leading relocation agency that specializes in bringing foreign employees to Germany for startups, we understand the unique challenges and complexities of the visa and immigration process. The relocation of international professionals to Germany can be challenging, eating away time and resources. Our goal is to provide seamless and comprehensive support to ensure a […]

Official member of the European Relocation Association!

We proudly announce that Startcon GmbH is now an official member of the European Relocation Association (EuRA) and joined the ranks of Europe’s leading relocation agencies. The company with founder and CEO Miriam started 15 years ago and is now a thriving and successful business – thanks also to the hard work and great effort […]

The German education System

The German education system is quite different from the wide-spread British and American education system or even others in the world. It starts with optional pre-school education (1- to 6-year-olds)

You did not get the Blue Card – Now what?

If the Blue Card is not an option for you, you may still go for the normal work permit. The work permit is a valid and widely used residence permit for Germany. And although the final integration will be slower, it gives you the same rights as the Blue Card.

Becoming a doctor in Germany: Four steps to guide you through German bureaucracy

There are four steps for working as a doctor in Germany.
First step: Finding the right visa.
Second step: Applying for a medical license (Approbation).

”I go to the streets in the morning and I feel that I fit“

A trained nurse from Macedonia moved to Berlin and tells us about her first steps into her new life. Half a year into her job in a clinic in Berlin she has learned a lot of what it means to start anew in in this young and fast-paced city, and she has come to regard Berlin as her second home.

“You don’t move to Berlin, you become Berlin” – An interview after three years

Our client from India moved to Berlin to live here in the IT industry. She tells about her district, the Berlin lifestyle and her relocation process with work visa, apartment searching etc.