EU Blue Card [Requirements and Advantages]

EU Blue Card : Requirements and Advantages


EU Blue Card Requirements and Advantages


Do you have questions regarding EU Blue Card Requirements and its advantages? We are happy to support Blue Card applications. But what exactly is a Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card is a temporary residence permit that is issued for a period of four years as a matter of principle. If the duration of the employment contract is shorter than four years, the EU Blue Card will be as well – plus three months.


EU Blue Card Requirements:


  • University diploma: If you did not acquire your degree in Germany, your degree must either be recognised or comparable to a German degree.


  • Employment contract with a minimum annual gross salary of 55,200 Euros.


  • A reduced minimum gross salary of 43,056 Euros applies to the fields of mathematics, computer and natural sciences, engineering and human medicine (not dentistry). This threshold applies to 2020 – the salary thresholds will be readjusted each year.
  • Your employment must match your qualification.

There is a legal entitlement to an EU Blue Card if the conditions are met.


 And the advantages are:


  • Family reunion: Spouses are entitled to issuance of a residence title without requiring a knowledge of German. And they are granted immediate and unlimited permission to take up employment.


  • Settlement permit: Holders of an EU Blue Card will receive a settlement permit after 33 months in Germany. Requirements: They have been in highly-qualified employment.  They paid contributions into a pension fund during this period. And they are able to make themselves understood in German on a basic level. The qualification period is shortened to 21 months for persons with an adequate knowledge of German (level B1).


  • Mobility: You have held an EU Blue Card in another EU Member State for at least 18 months? Then you can enter Germany without a Visa in order to work. You will then have to apply for the EU Blue Card at the Foreign Office within one month.


  • EU long-term residence permit: you are entitled to an EU long-term residence permit after five years of having a Blue Card.Times spent in Germany and periods you have lived in another EU Member State, will count towards this qualification period (18 months).

Additionally, you must have been resident with a Blue Card for two years in the State where you apply for the EU long-term residence permit. Times spent outside the EU will not be included.


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